What Color is Your Donkey or Mule?
Black with Light Points. Historically the color of Mammoth Jacks for breeding dark-colored mules (now replaced in popularity by sorrel jacks.)
Grey Dun. A prominent shoulder stripe, and different placement of the leg stripes is distinctive to donkeys, but the dorsal stripe (down the back) is similar to that of a dun horse.
Donkeys with dark points.
This Strawberry Roan donkey has reverse dapples, or dark red spots with white around them.
The donkey on the left is a Pink Dun. The one on the right is a Blue Roan. (Donkey Blue Roan is different than the blue roan horse color; the head is not darker, the legs are white, and there are dark spots called "reverse dapples.")
Spotted donkeys have white patterns different than horses. They have large dark spots within white patches, white both crossing the topline and staying in the center, and light points.
From left, Mahogany Bay Tobiano, Red Bay, Seal Brown, and Bay with Leopard Complex. Mule colors can be the same, or be distinctly different from either their horse or donkey parents.
Flaxen Sorrel mule team.
Sorrel mule foal.
This large mule is a Masked Flaxen Sorrel.
Champagne mule foal will lighten up as adult. (Note blue eyes and pink skin--cremello hallmarks.)
Olive Grulla mule has more black over neck and shoulders than the horse grulla color, and large stripe over her withers and white nose like a donkey.
Dramatic color hanges seen in Bay Varnish Roan with Leopard Complex over time, from foal (left) to adult (right).
"Champagne mule"





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